I have always had an appreciation for art and artists, and have been incredibly fortunate to learn about art & collecting from my uncle, Frank Oppedisano. My Uncle Frank spent a good part of his career at General Electric working directly for the legendary Jack Welch - not only as his head of Human Resources but also as a trusted advisor on the purchase and acquisition of fine art for GE's corporate collection.

Uncle Frank understood that fine art is able to transform a cold and unimaginative workplace into an environment that motivates, inspires, and increases creativity and productivity in employees. Inevitably, my uncle became inspired by his surroundings; over the years he built his own personal collection of fine art. While most works remain within his personal collection, my uncle has donated select pieces - such as a Frank Stella that he gave to the McMullen Museum of Art at his alma mater, Boston College, which was listed as one of the most notable art gifts by the Boston Globe.

I am also the lucky recipient of his generosity and am honored to have some of his pieces in my own collection. I enjoy art in many ways - especially when noticing a detail in a painting that I've never seen before. I have a renewed admiration for the artist, and as I begin to see space, color and dimension more clearly, I often find that it can help me to formulate an innovative solution to a client's need or find a creative way to market a candidate that doesn't quite fit into a "box". I have first-hand experience of how creativity can be sparked by a quality piece of fine art and am eager to share that with others.

Having spent a great deal of time on the southern coast of Maine, a place where the incredible light and striking landscape has drawn many artists, I have been privileged to meet and develop relationships with some very talented local painters, sculptors and photographers. They are a diverse group, working in a variety of media and subject matter. I invite you to explore some of their representative works and trust you will find something to move you, to inspire you and to transform the way you think and live.